FIFA evaluates commercial offers for Club World Cup

Doha, Qatar. The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, evaluates nine offers from companies that seek to acquire the commercial and broadcasting rights of a new club tournament that he hopes will become the most lucrative football in the world, usurping the Champions League of Europe.

Thursday expired the deadline for investors to submit their bids for the restarted Club World Cup, whose start is planned for June 2021 with a group of 24 teams.

“The Club World Cup will become the best team tournament in the world – whatever FIFA does should be the best,” said Infantino on Friday. “We shouldn’t worry or be ashamed about commercial success. I want the Club World Cup to be the best in terms of quality on the court, but also in terms of income. ”

FIFA’s ambitions to become more involved in club competition, beyond its usual jurisdiction for the organization of national team tournaments, represent a direct challenge to the Champions League, held by UEFA, where Infantino served as secretary general before being elected to lead the governing body of world football in 2016.

“The Champions is generating money from around the world … and where is that money going? To Europe, ”said Infantino. “Obviously, it’s the UEFA mission. FIFA’s mission is the world. If we can pay and generate more income for clubs, big clubs, 10 or 12 European or 15, or whatever they are, there will be 20 in the future but also 30 around the world, then we will have done something good. ”

By insinuating the possibility of 30 teams, Infantino plans to expand the Club World Cup in the future beyond the new format initially approved by the FIFA Council in March.

The penultimate edition of the annual seven-team version of the Club World Cup is taking place in Qatar, where the champion of the Champions League, Liverpool, will face the South American champion Flamengo in the final on Saturday.

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